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UK VAT Registration

UK VAT Registration

Once we have incorporated your company, and the company has a bank account. We can assist you with your application for VAT registration, become your UK Tax Agent, and supply a professional accounting service for your UK company.


Using your completed VAT form below, we will as your UK Tax Agent submit the application online.

VAT Registration application £240

UK Tax Agent £400 to £880 pa

HMRC – VAT Requirements

A UK company must register for VAT if:

  • They sell any goods or supply services to UK consumers, and the company is controlled from abroad
  • If the company is controlled from the UK and turnover is expected to above £85,000 in the coming year
  • If the company is distance selling to the UK

A UK company can register for VAT if:

  • The company is newly incorporated
  • The company is getting VATable supplies in the UK, and want to claim the VAT back, but does not have VATable turnover
  • The company is resident, has VATable turnover, but the turnover does not exceed £85,000

What you require to register for VAT:

  • Proof that you intend to supply VATable services or goods to UK customers
  • or proof that you have significant UK purchases or use UK services
  • Identity details of a director, these need to be supplied as part of the VAT application and includes personal tax identification numbers. These do not have to be UK numbers such as UK NIC numbers or UK unique tax references, but the numbers need to be official and unique to the person

Requirements once VAT Registered

  • You will have certain responsibilities once your UK company is registered for VAT. From your effective date of VAT registration you must:
  • Submit VAT Returns and  pay any VAT due to HMRC
  • Charge the right amount of VAT
  • Keep VAT records and a VAT account

Verify VAT Registration

Once you have a VAT registered business, you can use the HMRC online service to verify the UK VAT numbers of businesses you are trading with.

  • VAT Application and UK Tax Agent service
  • Please let us have the company name you require VAT registration for.
    We will check the filings at the Company Registry and advise you of the fee and timescale.
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