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UK Registered Agent

UK Registered Office

UK Registered Office Address – This is the company’s official address registered at Companies House.

We can act as your UK Registered Office. Mail delivered to your Registered Office address would include correspondence from Companies House and HMRC.

  • A Registered Office needs to be occupied, so that the post that arrives for you can be forwarded to you promptly
  • The Registered Office needs to be a physical office, a post box does not count as a physical address
  • Having a Registered Office address will protect your home address from  public record

Companies House

Companies House must be notified of a change to your company’s registered office address within 14 days of the change taking place.

The Confirmation Statement filed at Companies House each year confirms the details of your registered office, directors, shareholders and business activities and the address where you keep your company records.

Your companies Registered Office Address is displayed on the public register at Companies House.

International Telephone Numbers

We can provide your business with a local telephone number from most countries which is ideal if you have an office in one country but are based in another or simply wish to add an international presence to your business.

  • Set-up Fee Phone Line – £180
  • Annual Phone Number Rental – £400
  • A telephone number with an overseas divert facility to anywhere worldwide, you define where you wish calls to be answered
  • A dedicated country phone number service and worldwide call routing to your home, office or mobile telephone

Transfer UK Registered Agent

Please contact us with the name of your UK company, we will initially undertake a Company Search to prepare the Director’s Resolution and contact the current Registered Agent.