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Marshall Islands Company Documents

Marshall Islands Company Documents

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Marshall Islands Company Document examples

We have experience working with the Marshall Islands International Registry and are able to conduct comprehensive company searches and retrieve registry copies of official company documents.

The Marshall Islands are renowned for their minimum reporting and filing requirements. Details of Shareholders, Directors or copies of the company’s financial accounts will not be in the report.

Official company documents such as the Incorporation Certificate are available from the International Registry along with documents providing basic company information.

Marshall Islands Company Document fees

  • Company Search Report: £148
  • Certificate of Good Standing Registry Certified: £380
  • Certificate of Good Standing Apostilled: £550
  • Certificate of Incorporation Registry Certified: £380
  • Certificate of Incorporation Apostilled: £550
  • Proclamation of Annulment Registry Certified: £480
  • Articles of Incorporation Apostilled: £550
  • Expedite fee: £75

Marshall Islands Company Document Timescales

  • Standard: 4 – 5 days
  • Expedited: 2 – 3 days
  • Apostilled: 8 – 14 days

Marshall Islands Corporate Registry

International Registries Inc – Marshall Islands Maritime and Corporate Registries

Marshall island Companies Registry

The International Registries Inc provide administrative support to the Republic of the Marshall Islands Maritime and Corporate Registries. The registry offers Limited Liability Companies in addition to the more traditional International Business Corporations, Partnerships and Limited Partnerships.

All non-resident companies registered in the Republic of the Marshall Islands are governed by the Marshall Islands Associations Law which includes the Limited Liability Company Act and Business Corporations Act.

Marshall Islands Company Search

A Company Search will return all information held at the Marshall Islands International Registry on the target company.

Generally, a company search will return the following information:

  • Confirmation of the Company Name
  • Confirmation of company’s legal existence
  • Company Registration number
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Business objects / business activities
  • Company status – active, annulled, dissolved, transferred
  • Company type – International Business Company (IBC), Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Partnership (LP)
  • Registered Agent and contact details – where available
  • Registered Office
  • Company Amendments – if available
  • Any other information the company has chosen to file with the Registry

Under the Republic of the Marshall Islands law, a lot of company information does not need to be filed with the Registry.

There are no public registers of Directors or Shareholders and no requirement to file annual company accounts.

Only if the company chooses to file this information, for example through filing a certificate of company directors, is this additional information available.

Marshall Islands Certificate of Good Standing

The Certificate of Good Standing is issued by the International Registry in the Marshall Islands, and confirms the company is in a state of Good Standing with the registry and any other relevant government authorities. A company in Good Standing has filed all necessary documentation and has paid all required government and registration fees. We can also provide this document Apostilled by the Marshall Island registry.

Marshall Islands Certificate of Incorporation

Upon incorporation of a company in the Marshall Islands the International Registry will issue a Certificate of Incorporation. This certificate is an official document that states the company name, company identification number, date of incorporation and confirms the company is incorporated under the relevant companies act.

We can provide a Certificate of Incorporation prepared by the Marshall Islands International Registry, which includes details of any previous names.

Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Association form the company’s constitution which outlines the duties of directors and defines the type of business to be undertaken, among other things. We are able to provide a registry certified copy of the target company’s Articles of Association for  International Business Company IBC’s.

LLC’s in the Marshall Islands do not have Articles of Incorporation.

Certificate of Annulment

We can supply a proclamation of annulment for the Marshall islands company if the company has been dissolved, this is a Certificate Certified by the Marshall Islands International Registry.

Company Register

All companies registered in the Republic of the Marshall Islands must keep the register of shareholders, including personal details, number of shares each shareholder owns and dates at which this individual became a shareholder. A register of company directors must also be kept. Both registers are kept at the registered office of the company they are not filed with the authorities and not available for public inspection. The registered office address of the Marshall Islands company is included in the company search report.

Certified – Apostille – Legalisation

We can provide apostille company documents for Marshall Islands companies including the Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Good Standing and Articles of Incorporation.

Order Marshall Island Company Documents

The Marshall Islands company search report will be ordered from the Marshall Islands Maritime and Corporate Registries and is delivered by email. Marshall Islands Company documents are ordered from the Companies Registry and delivered by courier, as soon as the Marshall Islands Maritime and Corporate Registries have prepared the registry certified documents scanned copies will be emailed through.