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Gibraltar Company Formations

Gibraltar Company Formations

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We are an established company formation agent with over 20 years experience in incorporating Gibraltar companies.

Gibraltar Company Formation FeesGibraltar Annual Maintenance fees
Company Formation – £760Registered Office – £560
Registered Office – £560Company Secretary – £280
TIN Tax Identification Number – £220Due-Diligence Compliance fee from – £200
Company Secretary – £280Shareholder & Directors Register Maintenance – £175

Includes the required compliance and due-diligence, provision of Registered Office, Company Secretary, supply of Company Registers, standard Memorandum and Articles of Association, applying for the companies Tax Identification number and the preparation of the Annual Return for the year following incorporation

Gibraltar Annual Maintenance fees

Includes provision of Registered Office, Company Secretary, maintenance of Statutory Registers, preparing and filing the Annual Return (including filing fee) and attending to routine compliance and due-diligence.

To start incorporating a company for you in Gibraltar we only initially require the following details:

  • Your proposed Company Name
  • The Directors full name, date of birth, address and nationality
  • The Shareholders full name and address

Once these details have been received we ensure your proposed name is available at Companies House and begin preparing the necessary documentation.

Private Limited Company – Ltd

  • We will prepare your Memorandum and Articles of Association and other mandatory documents required to incorporate your Gibraltar company.
  • We pay the registration fee and lodge the documents with the Gibraltar Registrar of Companies.
  • We will also provide you with a Registered Office and resident Company Secretary for your Gibraltar company.

Gibraltar Company Documents

The set of corporate documents for a Gibraltar company will always include: the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, First Minutes showing all appointments of officers and allocations of shares, Share Certificates and additional documentation may include share transfer forms and  additional corporate resolutions.

TIN – Tax Identification Number

All companies incorporated in Gibraltar must have a Tax Identification Number, whether Resident or non-Resident, Trading or Dormant and we can assist you with obtaining your TIN.

Without a TIN, accounts cannot be filed, and therefore the company will incur significant penalties, and the company will not be in Good Standing.

Company Name

Your company name can be in any language, as long as the relevant translation is approved first. Your name will need to end with Ltd and certain words are prohibited, such as names suggesting the patronage of any government.

The company name approval process takes less than thirty minutes.

Gibraltar Company Directors & Shareholders

Only one director of any nationality is required for your Gibraltar company.

A minimum of one shareholder of any nationality is required.

Company Secretary

All Gibraltar companies must appoint a Company Secretary, who may be an individual or corporate body.

A sole director of a company cannot be the Company Secretary of that company.

Share Capital

There is no minimum Share Capital, and the authorised share capital may be expressed in any currency, The standard share capital is GBP £2000 and larger amounts can be agreed with small increases in the share capital tax.

Registered Office

Companies incorporated in Gibraltar under the Companies Act must have a Registered Office address in Gibraltar, where statutory communication and notices are sent.

The first notice of the situation of the Registered Office of a Gibraltar company is delivered to the Registrar with the company incorporation documents.

Non-Resident Company Registration

A non-resident company can be incorporated within five days, the requirements for incorporating a limited company are:

  • Your company must be owned by persons who are not resident in Gibraltar.
  • Your company may not trade or carry on business in Gibraltar with residents of Gibraltar.
  • Your company must maintain its Registered Office in Gibraltar.
  • Your company may have a bank account in Gibraltar and still not be classed as tax resident.
  • Your company name must not be similar to any existing company registered in Gibraltar.
  • Documents to be filed at the Companies Registry are the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the Registered Office address and the names and addresses of directors and shareholders.

To qualify as non-resident, it must:

  • Have foreign beneficial owners only
  • Not trade locally in Gibraltar
  • Not remit its income into Gibraltar

End of Business relationship

When we have provided the Registered Office we are held responsible by the Tax Office for the receipt of their tax letters that they continue to issue when a company is not active but still “dormant” waiting to be naturally struck off by the registrar, which is normally 3 years.

By that point the penalties accrued with the Tax Office and we get the letters and visits and have to deal with them.

The £300 deposit is designed, in those circumstances, to cover the disbursement costs for us to resign the Registered Office and where appropriate the Company Secretary from the time that we are told by the client they are not renewing or having the company struck off or we have lost contact, then the Tax Office will see that there is no responsible officer in Gibraltar for the serving of the notices.

Annual Fees Tax Accounting for a Gibraltar company

  • Dormant Non-Trading Company : preparation and filing of unaudited abridged balance sheet for a small non-trading/dormant company – tax agent and Corporation Tax return £640 per year
  • Company with assets, like property, yacht, patents etc that produce no income and has no bank account or trading activity  – we act as tax agent including the preparation and filing of unaudited abridged balance sheet for a small non-trading/dormant company  and Corporation Tax return £1200

Preparation and submission of Gibraltar Corporation Tax return £240 : Tax Agent £200