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Company Credit Reports

Our international company credit report service will provide up-to-date information on businesses based around the world, helping you to trade internationally with confidence.

We use our trusted network of partners to provide a fast and accurate service, in many cases agents who we have used for more than decade on our Company Formation and Company Document products.

Obtaining a company credit report is key for any company looking to establish a new business relationship. A company credit report provides all the information you will probably need to make an informed decision on whether to do business.

International Company Credit Reports

If you do not find the country in this list simply complete our contact us form as we will be able to assist.

Offshore Jurisdictions

Report & Accounts are not on file and in many cases and the details the Directors and Shareholders also are not available, we are unable to produce a Company Credit Report, however we can provide a Company Search Report:

Included in our Company Credit Report

Although company credit reports can change dependent on the company type and companies location, our reports include where available:

  • Registered address and contact details
  • Profile and history of target company
  • Company activities, products and services
  • Financial figures – where filed or provided
  • Registration information and date of incorporation: registry and official information
  • Ownership and management
  • Legal status and payment information
  • Credit rating and opinion, payment experience and commentary
  • Company Registration information – date of incorporation, registered number, website address, telephone number and  registered office.
  • Credit Risk Rating – a full credit assessment that includes a credit risk along with a risk summary and credit limit information
  • Public Record information – court judgments,  legal notices, mortgages, charges and company status
  • Financial Current Status – overview of the companies current financial situation through an analysis of their  balance sheet, profit and loss, company ratios and profit margins.
  • Director’s & Shareholders – Director’s and Shareholders names, ages, nationalities and date appointed
  • Company History – A breakdown of key events since the date of incorporation including change of names and document filings

Credit rating generally calculated from the following factors:

  • Age of company
  • Legal form
  • Size
  • Activities
  • Financial statements
  • Parent company
  • Director/ Shareholder structure
  • Current and assets owned

Our reports are the result of personal contact, interview and investigation combined with access to official sources.