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Certification of Company Documents

Certification of Company Documents

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get company document certified, alongside the cost of certifying documents with a UK solicitor.

Certification of Documents

Certifying documents means you can provide a certified true copy of your passport or important personal documents, without having to hand over your original.

A certified document means that a professional has checked that it is the same as your original copy of the document.

You may need a certified true copy of a personal document for official or commercial reasons, or to apply for a mortgage or bank account.

How can System Day help with certifying documents?

Certification of documents is often important if you are sending documents abroad. We can assist with getting company documents certified.

Types of Document Certification

There are several different types of certification depending on the document and what actually needs to be certified.

Getting a signature certified on an original document

You may have a document which you need to sign, on which your signature needs to be certified. In this instance, you need to sign the document in front of a person who can verify your identity and certify that you signed the document in front of them.

Getting a certified true copy of an original document

Alternatively you may have an original document, such as a passport, power of attorney, utility bill of which you need to provide a certified copy. In this instance, you need to take the original document and a copy of it to a person who can certify that the copy is a true copy of the original.

Certify documents in the UK

As a general rule, if the document is to be used in the UK, then certification by a UK solicitor or chartered accountant is sufficient.

If the company document is to be used abroad, it will often require certification by a notary. Notaries are different from solicitors in that they are specialised in the preparation, authentication, and certification of documents to be used abroad.

Cost to certify documents with a solicitor

The costs vary depending on the document certification that is required. If you are intending to use the documents in the UK and not abroad, then certification by a solicitor or accountant will be cheaper than certification by a notary public.

As an indication, the fee to notarise a copy of a passport, utility bill or bank statement is normally £40.

How do I get a copy of my passport document certified

If you need a copy of an original document certified as a true copy, then you will need to provide the solicitor with the original document.

When you need your signature on a document certified, you must show your passport or driving licence and sign the document in front of the solicitor/ accountant who will be certifying your signature.