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BVI Registered Agent

BVI Registered Agent

We provide Registered Agent and Registered Offices services in the BVI. The change of Registered Agent is a standard procedure for IBC’s in the BVI, we contact the current Registered Agent and transfer the administration of your company to our licensed Registered Agent.

Under section 91a, BVI Companies Act 2004, all BVI companies must have a Registered Agent in the BVI licensed under either the Company Management Act 1990 or Trust Companies Act 1990.

Fee to transfer your BVI Company

Our BVI transfer fee: £860 – plus the 2022 Annual Maintenance fee: £1430

BVI transfer fee includes:

  • BVI Company Search to check status
  • Transfer in BVI company fee
  • Retaining the company name in the register
  • Preparation or change of the memorandum
  • Preparation of transfer applications
  • Resolution for change of resident agent
  • Submission of transfer applications to the registry
  • BVI registry filing fee
  • Director and Shareholder Due Diligence
  • Confirmation of Registered Office for documentation
  • Extract from the Register of Directors and the Shareholder Register

BVI 2022 Annual Maintenance fee includes –

  • Provision of Registered Office: £480
  • Government fee: US$450
  • Economic Substance Filing fee: £450
  • Shareholder & Directors Register Maintenance: £175

A transfer out fee may be charged by your current BVI Registered Agent

BVI Registered Agent Duties

The registered address is the legal address of your BVI company, The Registered Agent is responsible for safe custody and maintaining of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the Register of Members, the Register of Directors, copies of Resolutions, notices and filings. It is the duty of the Registered Agent to keep these documents up-to-date and available for inspection by the directors and shareholders of the BVI company.

BVI Registered Agent – Section 91A BVI Companies Act 2004

  • If at any time a company does not have a registered agent it shall forthwith, by resolution of Shareholders or Directors, appoint a Registered Agent.
  • A resolution to appoint a Registered Agent may be passed.
  • Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in the memorandum or articles, by the members of the company; or
  • If authorised by the memorandum or articles, by the Directors of the company.
  • A notice of appointment of registered agent shall be endorsed by the registered agent with his agreement to act as registered agent and filed by the registered agent.
  • The appointment of the registered agent takes effect on the registration by the Registrar of the notice filed under the subsection

Transfer BVI Registered Agent

Please contact us with the name of your BVI company, we will initially undertake a Company Search to prepare the Director’s Resolution and contact the current Registered Agent.

To transfer BVI registered agent to ourselves we will require a copy of the original documents showing the Directors and Shareholders from when the company was incorporated. We send a written request to the current Registered Agent, asking them to resign and pass the administration of your company to our Registered Agent.