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BVI Company Dissolution

Closing a BVI Company – BVI Company Dissolution

If you no longer require your company and wish to have it struck off the register we can assist with a BVI Company Dissolution.

We can have the company struck off the register through a Voluntary Liquidation in accordance with the BVI Companies Act.

We strongly recommend that a company be formally liquidated rather than struck off.

Any property not disposed of prior to a company’s dissolution is deemed to be owned by the BVI Government, so it is important to dispose of any property that is held by the company prior starting the Dissolution process.

BVI Company Dissolution fees

  • Company Search: £168
  • Our Service fee: £600
  • BVI Agent / Liquidator (depending on each case)- from £2500
  • Economic Substance filing (mandatory): £450

Having your BVI company Dissolved

Having your company dissolved in accordance with the BVI Companies Act through liquidation, rather than struck off by the Companies Registry, has the following important advantages:

  • Maintains the company’s directors and shareholders reputation for future business ventures
  • Is a straightforward process which can be finalised within 8 – 12 weeks.
  • It ensures that a company officially ceases to exist upon completion.
  • The statutory duties and liabilities of the directors and shareholders come to an end.

British Virgin Islands Company Liquidation

Liquidation under the BVI Companies Act is a voluntary process requiring a resolution of the shareholders or a resolution of directors.

A company may only be liquidated under the Companies Act if it has no liabilities or, where it does have liabilities, it is able to satisfy them in full as they become due for payment and the value of its assets equals or exceeds its liabilities.

Penalties will accrue if the company has not paid the necessary renewal fees, such as Registered Agent fees and Government fees.

A struck-off company remains liable to any due and unpaid fees; it also remains liable to all obligations and debts.

Dissolution Process

  • We draft a Declaration of Solvency stating that the company will continue to discharge and settle its debts.
  • We design a liquidation plan for your BVI company dissolution, this plan includes the reasons for the dissolution and the required period to liquidate your company.
  • We draft the Resolution of Directors and the Resolution of Shareholders.
  • The Notice of Dissolution is advertised in the Official Gazette newspaper in the BVI, one month must past, in which time objections to the Dissolution can be brought.
  • Once all forms are completed we file the documents with the BVI Financial Services Commission to have the company dissolved.
  • Once the dissolution is approved, we will forward the confirmation from the Registrar.